Portrait Of Harlem

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"Portrait of Harlem"

Photographs by Lenore Browne


Harlem has been described as “an iconic place, a fabled community, a vibrant hub of African-American culture and pride known the world over” whose essence has been captured in music, literature and photography.  I was drawn to Harlem’s diverse people and culture in the early 1980’s after moving to New York City from a small New York town.  These days, its long time residents and small businesses are in danger of being permanently displaced during what some have called a “second renaissance.”


I photograph images of Harlem’s historical and cultural past that are often unnoticed in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. My images show that despite the transition, vestiges of Harlem’s history still exist. My gelatin prints evoke a sense of history and permanence and emphasize the changing nature of the village of Harlem. The on-going photo journal will capture what remains of Harlem’s essence and preserve the image history of its cultural heritage and legacy before it is lost forever.